Get to know: Christoffer - Niemi Bil

Get to know: Christoffer

Christoffer Innala at Niemi Bil

In our Get to know series, you get to know a little more about us who work at Niemi Bil. Here you get to know Christoffer who is a car salesman. If you have difficulty choosing from the range, he is a very good guide!

Christoffer Innala, 35 years old, Car salesman

- How long have you worked at Niemi Bil?
Since 15 March 2021.

- What do you do at Niemi Bil?
Selling used cars and everything around, is a lot of work both before and after a car sale.

- What is the best thing about your job?
For me who has always been interested in cars, it is a favor to work with it, then it is fun to meet many personalities and create new relationships.

- What do you see as challenges in your job?
That everyone should be satisfied and happy at the end of the day.

- What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend time with the family, have two little ones and a partner at home who gives you most of your free time, with all that entails.
Also thrives really well in the cottage which is in the Kåbdali area, quiet and nice.

“…kan starta ett Boeing 737 – men den kunskapen har jag inte behövt använda på jobbet… än i alla fall”😉

- What hidden talent do you have?
Can start a Boeing 737 😄

- If you were a Mazda, what model would you be?
Mazda MX-5, a bit like me, small and torn! Lol.

- When should you start playing paddle?
I think I have to take some secret lessons on the Spanish sunny coast first, but still waiting for a racket I would get from Kimpa six months ago, so we have to say that the ball is with him, hehe.

- How do you hide from all the admirers?
No need to hide, located at Spantgatan 8 😄

- How much do you take on the bench?
Takes the question of a year again, thought to start lifting scrap with my colleague Eric so I take care of it for now ..

- White jeans in the city park?
Does Mats Lavander have beautiful hair?

- Derby between Kiruna AIF and Kiruna IF. Who are you doing and why AIF?
A little bad control of the Kiruna team, but must agree with Salming's team AIF.

- Who is the best table tennis player in the company?
So far I have to say Kimpa, did not get his services in order. But we leave it open until I meet everyone!

- How many cars have you sold since you started?
Every now and then, but above all the team has behaved extremely well, always fun to play and contribute to a winning team!

Thank you Christoffer for the chat!
Take a look among all ours used cars or turn past Spantgatan 8 and visit Christoffer!

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