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Niemi Bil är auktoriserad återförsäljare och märkesverkstad för Mazda. Vi har både begagnade bilar och nya modeller inom segmenten Hatchback, Sedan, Wagon, SUV, Roadster och RF.

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Order your Mazda

Mazda MX-30

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Mazda CX-30

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Mazda3 Hatchback

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Mazda3 Sedan

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Mazda6 Sedan

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Mazda6 Wagon

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Mazda CX-3

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Mazda CX-5

Mazda - Jinba ittai

In 2020, the car company Mazda will celebrate 100 years of performance and driving pleasure. Each model is designed according to the Japanese principle Jinba Ittai, the special bond that arises between rider and horse, to create the feeling that you as a driver are one with the car. The cars are characterized by a high design feel and efficient fuel consumption.

Mazda began to be sold in Sweden in 1972 and at Niemi Bil we have been an authorized dealer and workshop for Mazda since we opened the car showroom in Luleå in 2017. We have both used and new models in the segments Hatchback, Sedan, Wagon, SUV, Roadster and RF .

Service your Mazda with us

As an authorized Mazda workshop, we always give you 1 year free assistance insurance when we service your Mazda. This means that you as a Mazda owner can leave your car with us for service and be confident that you will receive quality service performed by specialists. With us you also get:

Mazda price guarantee on original service

We at Niemi Bil care about both you and your car. When you service your car with us, you get professional service at the right price. For you and the car, it means driving pleasure, safety and a good resale value.

Education and equipment

The mechanics receive regular training and know the latest technology to ensure the best service of your car. They always work with the latest tools, information systems and with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Digital service book

All routine service performed with us is saved in Mazda's digital service book. It prevents fraud, increases resale value and gives you full control of the car's service history.

Mazda service when it suits you

When you book the next service, we make sure to find a time that suits you. If you need replacement vehicles, please contact us in advance so we can present our various options. 

Mazda roadside assistance

Mazda Roadside Assistance is available in over 40 European countries and is included free of charge in your comprehensive Mazda warranty. If you service the car at an authorized Mazda workshop, roadside assistance is valid for 12 months at a time, until the car is 10 years old (valid from 1 April 2012) and provides:

Road repairs on site or towing to the nearest Mazda workshop.

Starting aid - locking opening.

Wheel replacement (puncture).

Rental car, max 3 days (+ possible weekend).

Reimbursement for accommodation costs should you have to wait for your Mazda when it is repaired.

24-hour hotline (08-541 702 10).

The Mazda card

With the Mazda card, you get up to 4 months of interest- & payment-free purchases at Mazda's dealers and authorized Mazda workshops. This means that you do not have to pay any interest during the month of purchase plus the next 3 months when you use your Mazda card. You have the opportunity to use the interest exemption as many times as you like, up to your credit limit.

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