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Sell your car

We value and buy your car

Is your car max 8 år, har gått max 15,000 mil and is svensksåld?

Then we can value it and arrange the entire sale - from collection to recond and all paperwork.

Free car valuation at Niemi Bil. Sell your car to us
niemiheart Sell car

Fair valuation of your car

niemiheart Sell car

Get the money directly in the account

niemiheart Sell car

Fast pick-up

  1. Submit your details
  2. You will receive a bid within 24 hours
  3. Do you want to do business? We pick up your car regardless of location

Vi vill göra det enkelt för dig att sälja din bil. På Niemi Bil ordnar vi ägarbytet och säger även upp försäkringen åt dig. Vi erbjuder också inbyten av bilar. 

You will receive a valuation within 24 hours. Do you want to do business? Then we pick up your car and also take care of all the paperwork.

You do not have to prepare anything at all. Simple, huh?

You are always welcome to contact us at 0920-26 00 89 or for more information.

common questions

- You choose it all yourself! 😊
After you have submitted your details for a valuation, you will receive a price proposal from us within 24 hours.

Based on that, you get to think if you want to go ahead and do business.

We know that the decision to sell your car may require some time to think, and you decide based on our proposal whether you want to do business or not.

- No, it is completely free for you to value the car with us.

- Absolutely! 🚗💨
No matter where in the country you are, we will pick up your car if you want to do business.

And if you want to change cars, we can of course deliver your new home to you as well.

- No, you only need to make a valuation and we will arrange the rest 😊

We fix this:
✓ Pick up your car on site
✓ Washes and cleans the car
✓ Terminates the insurance & handles the change of ownership

Simple and easy - right?

Vad säger våra kunder?


Easy to sell your car with Niemi Bil

You get the money directly in the account or exchange

At Niemi Bil, you choose if you want to get the money directly into the account or use the amount in your next car purchase with us. This is a common way to finance your new car. We are an experienced car dealer who buys cars and car sales, often in Norrbotten and Västerbotten but also throughout Sweden, and we prioritize a safe and smooth car dealership for you.

We pick up your old one and deliver your new one

We at Niemi Bil buy and pick up your car no matter where in Sweden it is parked. We also offer home delivery when buying a new car or used car as soon as you have decided on a car make and model.

Contact us for more information about picking up a car and driving home. 

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