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Find the right company car

As an entrepreneur, it is important that car ownership works smoothly and efficiently, both in terms of time and cost. We at Niemi Bil help to review your company's needs and help you find the car models and layouts that fit. We help you find everything from staff cars to vans and company cars.


We guide you between car models and forms of ownership - Different types of leasing or installments - and develop the best and most cost-effective arrangement for you.

Vill du veta mer om företags- och tjänstebilar? Kontakta oss!

Saljare Banvagen Tjänstebil
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Vi har bilar till företag för alla behov

Allt fler företag väljer miljövänligare fordon för att kunna minska sina utsläpp och sänka kostnaden för drivmedel. 

Fråga oss gärna, vi hjälper dig göra en kalkyl på vilken biltyp som är mest fördelaktig för ditt företag.

Maxus - 100% elektriska transportbilar

Som ensam återförsäljare i Norrbotten är vi glada att kunna erbjuda Maxus.

100% eldrivna transportbilar anpassade för de dagliga utmaningarna du som företagare står inför –  med stort fokus på komfort, säkerhet och låga drivmedelskostnader.

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Mazda model program & 10-year warranty

As an authorized Mazda dealer, we have access to Mazda's entire range of models - from smart hybrids to agile small cars and four-wheel drive SUVs. Mazda has Sweden's longest car warranty in a full 10 years - it gives you and your company a good resale value and ensures safe car ownership!

Se alla transportbilar i lager

Transport and vans are the archetype of a business car and have long been the craftsman's favorite. With high ceilings, plenty of space and adaptable interior, the transport car is a matter of course for both small companies and large companies.

We are happy to help you find the right car for your company!

Transport cars and vans at Niemi Bil

Begagnade bilar med avdragbar moms

Vi har ett stort utbud av begagnade bilar med avdragbar moms, som gynnar dig som företagare.

Big steps, small imprints

Mazda is a leader in new technology and innovations. The Mazda MX-30 is 100% electric with the latest technology and is a great driving experience. It is a compact SUV with plenty of space on the inside and range for both work and leisure. Come to us for a test drive and learn more about the Mazda MX-30!

Vi har även ett brett utbud av begagnade elbilar och transportbilar – allt för att kunna hitta rätt bil och lösning till ert företag.

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We always have a large number of stock cars at home for immediate delivery

Financing options

Choosing the right form of financing for your business can be tricky. The rules vary from industry to industry and in the event of a VAT deduction, it is important that the car meets the requirements set by the Swedish Tax Agency for company cars.

Below we have put together an overview of the most common forms of ownership and their advantages and disadvantages. Remember that it is a general guide and all companies are unique in their own way.

We always help your company to develop the best solution based on your situation - contact us for detailed advice on your next car!

Lease your company car

Leasing of company cars is a favorable form of financing, e.g. due to the applicable VAT rules. When you choose leasing as a solution, you can deduct 50% from the VAT on the monthly cost. However, the possibility of and the size of the VAT deduction can vary from industry to industry.

If the leased car is used privately (more than 100 miles per year), it is counted as a benefit to be taxed. The tax is deducted from the salary and is based on the car's benefit value. By choosing a climate-smarter model such as electricity and hybrid, you get a discounted cost. Today, there are two forms of leasing agreements - financial and operational leasing.

Financial leasing

With financial leasing, the agreement is extended to, for example, 12-36 months and combined with a residual value. As a lessee, you have the opportunity to buy the car at its residual value after the contract period. The residual value can to some extent be controlled and should be based, among other things, on your monthly payment plan, use, mileage, model and estimated future value.

We help you set the correct residual value based on your specific situation. Always assume how much the car will be used, this way you can get a leasing agreement where there is a surplus value in the car. In the case of financial leasing, it is you as the lessee who bears the greatest financial responsibility and is responsible for service and repair (100% deductible).

The advantage of Financial leasing is that the car does not burden the company's balance sheet and that in most cases it means the possibility of a 50% VAT deduction.

Operational leasing

With operational leasing, it is the company that rents out the car that bears the ultimate responsibility. This solution is more common in the private market in the form of so-called private leasing, but is also offered to corporate customers.

With operational leasing, no residual value is added, but the car must be handed in in a predetermined condition (for example mileage). If the condition is worse than agreed and the mileage is longer, the lessee is responsible for the cost.

Operational leasing usually includes all potential costs except fuel. It is therefore a more expensive agreement per month, but you have full control of all costs and less administration.


Buy a company car

In cash purchases of the car, it is counted as an investment and will affect the balance sheet. Depreciation for depreciation can be made, but the VAT on the car purchase is usually not deductible. However, you can make 100% VAT deductions for operating costs such as service, fuel and repairs.

In cases where the company car is used privately, a driving record must be drawn up. If the company car is used more than 100 km per year for private use, it is a benefit car that must be taxed through a monthly benefit value. You earn more from having a company car if it is a more expensive car that is often used privately.

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Company car

Mazda MX-30

Company car

Mazda CX-30

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Mazda3 Hatchback

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Mazda3 Sedan

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Mazda6 Sedan

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Mazda6 Wagon

Company car

Mazda CX-3

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Mazda CX-5