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Niemi Bil

Ett familjeföretag som strävar efter Sveriges nöjdaste kunder

Niemi Car loves to help people and make them happy. You are our driving force at work, just as we are your driving force on the roads.

We want to give you the best car ownership

Here you will meet passionate people who care that you find the right one - whether you are buying your first car or repairing an old one. We know this is how we create long-term relationships with our customers.

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“Sports and culture develop people and society. It gives us good values and teaches us to work together. We at Niemi Bil are proud and humble to be able to contribute to fantastic organizations such as Luleå Hockey, Luleå Basket and VildaKidz. They create a richer Luleå and Norr- and Västerbotten. ”

A bigger heart

Niemi Bil wants to be a positive force in society. We support sports, culture and youth. It is our way of giving back to the areas that have shaped us, and in the long run helping to build an even better tomorrow.

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Hard work

We want to make our customers happy and we know that it takes one hundred percent commitment in every situation to keep that promise.

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We are a transparent company that maintains an open dialogue with every person who enters both the garage and the workshop.

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With care you go a long way. We care about our employees, customers and the northern countryside.

niemiheart About Niemi Bil


We are proud that customers have named us one of Norrland's best car dealers and workshops. We humbly thank you for that.

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"We only do it if we can do it really well"

It has always been a special mentality that spurred us on Niemi Bil. Ever since the start in 2006 when the gates to the then small garage workshop were opened, and Roger Niemi decided to do things differently. Make things better.

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Do you have what it takes?

At Niemi Bil, we work together to create satisfied customers and good results. It also means that we are not looking for anyone, but you who stand up for your peers and want to be the best at what you do.