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At Niemi Bil in Luleå, you will find a wide range of new cars and used cars. You are always welcome to visit us in the car showroom - we have over 290 cars in stock!

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Buy a new car

Your new car will be an important part of your life. In addition to being a safe and secure means of transport, it also contributes to the joy of driving, pleasure and simplicity in your everyday life - whether it is a family car, sports car or van. Niemi Bil in Luleå is a car dealer and car workshop with experience and a professional approach that helps you find the right one when you buy your new car - from financing of the car, to car insurance, bilgaranti, service and repair. We also offer car exchange when you buy your new car from us. We also sell used cars, and offers home delivery throughout Sweden.

Choosing a new car

It is important that you do a needs analysis for your current situation and the near future. What features should your new car have? Buying a new car is a big deal for many and it is therefore important that it can give you driving pleasure for a long time. Think about, among other things: family situation, hobbies, work, travel needs and climate. Then you can more easily understand how the car should be used and for what type of driving it should be adapted for, for example highway or city driving. 

We at Niemi Bil in Luleå will help you find a new car based on your needs and wishes, regardless of where you are in Norrbotten or Sweden. With us, you will find everything from family cars, SUVs, and sports cars to station wagons and other car models.

Choose a new car at the right price

Buying a car is fun. We want to help you make a good car deal, which you look back on with joy. Make a good plan for your purchase, it affects your finances in different ways once you have bought a new car. Plan for a reasonable budget that takes into account both unforeseen expenses and recurring costs, such as insurance premiums and vehicle tax. 
At Niemi Bil, we help you with various financing solutions, and we make sure you find a solution that suits you. We sell both new cars and used cars, and we also offer leasing agreements. 

How do I choose the car make and car model?

Some car enthusiasts know right away which new car they want. We advocate that you make as informed a decision as possible when it comes to buying your new car. Read car reviews, car guides, and read tests of new cars and ask a car expert in your area - you will surely find someone or someone who will be happy to help you buy a new car.

Niemi Bil is located in Luleå, and is Norrbotten's largest car dealer and car workshop with home delivery of new and used cars throughout Sweden. With a large selection of used cars and new cars from brands and models in varied price ranges and segments, we have everything for your purchase of a new car. We look forward to helping you with your purchase of your new car!

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