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Used cars in stock

At Niemi Bil you will find a wide range of carefully selected used cars. You are always welcome to visit us in our car showrooms - we have over 300 cars in stock for immediate delivery!

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Buy the right used car

The car should give you what you need. Space for family and friends, safety, comfort and mobility in everyday life. No matter what the car means to you, Niemi Bil helps you find the right one - from new cars and used cars for service and repair of your car. We are a car dealer that delivers both used cars and new cars throughout Sweden, and helps you buy a new car, buy a used car, or sell your car. You can too replace your car when you buy a car from us.

Choosing a used car

Start by doing a needs analysis for your current situation and the near future. Buying a car is a big deal for many and it is therefore important that it can give you long-term driving pleasure. Take into account, among other things, the following: family situation, hobbies, work, travel needs and climate. It helps you to find out how much the car should be used and for what type of driving, for example highway or city driving. 

At Niemi Bil, we make sure you find a car based on your needs. With us, you will find everything from family-friendly station wagons to sports coupes and transport cars.  

Choose a used car with the right price

A car purchase is something to look forward to. Unfortunately, many people have experience of unexpected expenses that arise suddenly. We want to help you make a good car deal. Plan for your purchase, it affects your finances to varying degrees as long as you own the car. Set a reasonable budget that includes both contingencies and recurring costs such as insurance premiums and vehicle taxes. 
Niemi Bil works with different types of car financing, and we will help you find the solution that suits you. We have new cars, used cars and also offers leasing agreements, and company cars

Choose the right car make and model

Some car lovers know well in advance which car they want. We recommend that you make as well-informed a decision as possible when it comes to your car purchase. Take in reviews, read tests of various used cars and ask your nearest car expert - we all know someone who has great knowledge of cars.

Niemi Bil är Norr- och Västerbottens största bilhandlare och har hemkörning av bilar i hela Sverige. Vi har vi ett brett utbud av begagnade bilar och nya bilar från märken och modeller i varierade prisklasser och segment. Vi hjälper dig att hitta en begagnad bil just för dig. 

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