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Choose the right winter tire this year


Then it was time again, tire change season! At Niemi Bil, we usually have everything full during this period as our bookings for winter tires take place early in the year. You as a reader may not have had time to change yet. Therefore, we have written a short guide on what to think about when it comes to winter tires!

Studs or studless?
Here we want to be clear - what you choose for the type of winter tires makes an incredible difference! If you travel along the longest ice-covered roads, packed snow and wet, you should always choose studded tires. As a Norrbotten company, you can say that we speak from our own experience. Studded tires are always the safest option!

Used tires?
No. Unless you yourself are a tire expert. But then you probably would not have had to read this far. New tires have better tread and performance, which provides increased safety for both you and your fellow road users. If you still want to choose used tires, we recommend that you take the help of a professional!

Choice of brand
Today, there is a plethora of car tires from different brands in several price ranges. Knowing what the difference is can be difficult for the average person - if there is even a difference. Therefore, we recommend that you talk to a workshop and tell them about your needs. In this way, you can quickly get several different proposals that suit both the basis and the budget.

Dates to keep track of
You can drive with studded tires from 1 October to 15 April. These dates may vary depending on winter road conditions. In northern Sweden, the cold nights and a longer winter road law have meant that we usually have winter tires longer than 15 April. It is regulated by the Swedish Transport Agency!

The summer tires thus go on after 15 April.

Happy winter!

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