Updated routines regarding covid-19 - Niemi Bil

Updated routines regarding covid-19


Following an increased spread of covid-19 in the county, new advice and recommendations have recently been issued for how we as individuals and society should act. We at Niemi Bil have taken the situation very seriously since the start and have now updated our measures further to be able to guarantee safe visits to both the garage and workshop in the future.

As before, we continue to:

  • Disinfect open areas several times a day
  • Provide hand sanitizer at all facilities
  • Keep a distance between each other and customers
  • Ensure that all employees are symptom-free

In the car showroom, we take the following initiatives:

  • Home delivery all over Sweden
  • Digital car shows before purchase
  • Extended routines for conditioning demo and stock cars
  • Ensures airy customer surfaces and spread out seating

In the workshop we have done the following:

  • Scattered and individual places in the customer reception
  • Contact-free pick-up / drop-off of car and car key via keystroke
  • Adaptable and secure layout that suits you as a customer

Remember to always stay home at the slightest sign of whether you or someone close to you is showing symptoms. We can do this together!

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