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Wash the car before the holiday


Tjena Tom Niemi! Sommaren är ju ett perfekt tillfälle att åka på bilsemester och det blir extra trevligt med en ren och blank bil. Vad är dina bästa tips på hur man kan tvätta bilen på bästa sätt?

Jo visst är det trevligare med en skinande ren bil på semestern! Det finns några saker att tänka på men här kommer de viktigaste punkterna:

Use degreasing

Degreasing dissolves grease and dirt. There are different varieties but usually a petroleum-based degreaser is preferred. Spray on the lower part first where there is most dirt, work your way up and finish with the rims. Let the product work for a while but it should not dry out. If it dries, you have to redo the process, which becomes unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming.

2. Rinse the car thoroughly

The next step is to flush the car. The easiest way to do this is with a high-pressure washer. If you do not want to buy your own, it can be used in "do-it-yourself" halls. Stand some distance from the car and use sweeping movements while working from the bottom up. Check that the car is clean by feeling that the paint is smooth. If it is not clean, it is important that you degrease again. The dirt can scratch the paint when you go on with the sponge in the next step.

3. Clean the car thoroughly

A car shampoo is gentle on the paint and provides good protection and shine before waxing. Many people use regular detergent. It is better than nothing but you risk getting a matte finish on the paint. Work the shampoo in with a soft sponge that you rinse out often. Start from the top and work your way down in circular motions. Then rinse the car in the same way as before. Use a rubber scraper and a microfiber cloth for best results when drying the car. For the tires you can use a special tire gloss and for the windows ordinary window cleaner works excellently. If you are going to wax the car, it must be completely dry. You can apply the wax either by hand with a polishing cloth or with a machine with two pillows.

4. Also clean the inside

Gravel can scratch the car's interior and therefore it is good to vacuum it in connection with washing. If you have leather upholstery, you can wipe it off with a microfiber cloth about once a year and then lubricate with leather conditioner to soften the leather as this prolongs its life. If you have a stained fabric upholstery, you may need to return the car on a second-hand basis. If you apply detergent yourself, the stain can spread. On the rest of the interior you can use a damp microfiber cloth. On buttons and the like, you can go in with a soft toothbrush. Remember that touch screens are quite sensitive. Therefore, read in the instruction manual on the car how to best clean your touch screen.

Think about this:

  • It is not allowed to wash the car with car shampoo and degreaser on the street or garage driveway
  • Brushes repair the varnish!
  • Do not use a microfiber cloth that has been washed with fabric softener
  • The more often you wash the car, the faster it is possible to get it clean
  • Always check the brakes after each wash. Crawl and brake quickly
  • Tip: grow the car! Wax is dirt-repellent, and then you do not need to wash the car as often
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