Now we are called Niemi Bil - Niemi Bil

Now we are called Niemi Bil


It's finally official. We are pleased to announce that our name is now Niemi Bil, a name that includes both our workshop and car dealership.

BILAB, Roger Niemi BILAB, Roger Niemi Bil. The proverb says that dear children have many names, and we have received a lot over the years. It is very gratifying. But as a company and employer, we see that a common name is needed that we can all gather around.

- Niemi Bil is still a family business and today the family includes employees, customers and friends. With values such as hard work, honesty and care, we will continue to give you your best car ownership. To me, the name change is to be seen as a tire change. It is absolutely necessary for us to be able to continue the journey and a thousand miles in addition. When I started fourteen years ago, it was just me in the room, now we have two large rooms and a growing work team. It is high time for us that this positive change takes place, says Roger Niemi, founder of Niemi Bil.

As Niemi Bil, we will continue to help people and make them happy. We do it under a unified flag, regardless of whether a car is to be sold, bought or repaired.

- There is no well-kept secret to success. It's about showing a big heart for what you do, to customers and not least to each other. The new name provides space for development and we want to be even better every day. Now we drive so it smokes! says Kim Niemi, Head of Sales & Co-owner of Niemi Bil.

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