Niemi Bil opens new - becomes largest in northern Sweden on used cars - Niemi Bil

Niemi Bil opens new - becomes largest in northern Sweden on used cars

Kim Niemi and Eric Wallin next to Niemi Bil's new car park on Spantgatan 8 in Luleå.


An expansion is on the doorstep when the family company Niemi Bil opens a new car park at Spantgatan 8, Luleå. On April 6, the doors will be opened to offer both current and future customers a larger range than before, but the same heart and vision to offer the best and safest car ownership.

Since Niemi Bil, formerly Bilab, was founded in 2006 by Roger Niemi, it has grown steadily. At the same time, one has retained the feeling of the family business, never afraid to go their own way. 14 years later, they still work according to the same motto: "We only do it if we can do it really well".

- We were founded as a family business, and we still are today. Opening a new car park, which will also be Norrbotten and Västerbotten's largest for used cars, means that we can continue to keep our roots in the north. Despite the fact that we get an even larger range and new premises, we will maintain the same mentality as always - with honesty and care, we will do our utmost for our customers' car ownership, says co-owner Kim Niemi.

Hot with used
With an upswing in the sale of used cars in Sweden, the new investment is just in time. The car auction company Kvdbil and the advertising site Blocket both state an upswing in 2020, something that was driven by, among other things, the pandemic when many refrained from traveling by public transport (source: DN Motor *).

- We definitely notice an increased interest in used. It is also what led us to open another hall. Another trend that we are experiencing is clearly growing is the demand for electric cars, which has also increased here in the north, says Kim Niemi.

Welcome in April
The warehouse in the new car park on Spantgatan, in the furniture store Casa Wikström's old premises, will be filled with a large selection of used cars, with a focus on year models newer than 2013. And they will still work with a big heart, competence and a northern mentality.

- We try to have the most satisfied customers, a job and we value and care highly. We simply love helping people and work hard to make you feel safe with your car ownership, no matter what the car means to you, says Eric Wallin, CEO.

The new car park is located in the premises where the interior design store Casa Wikström was previously located.

Do you have questions about the new car showroom, or Niemi Bil?
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