New heights for Niemi Bil, expands and opens car park in Umeå - Niemi Bil
Niemi Bil

New heights for Niemi Bil, expands and opens car park in Umeå

With a large selection of used cars and the same heart and service mindset that has been held fast since 2006, the family business Niemi Bil is ready for the next step - a new car park in a new city.

Niemi Bil's journey has gone steadily upwards from the first car park in Luleå. Since Roger Niemi founded the company in 2006, a big heart, competence and a Nordic mentality have led the way to today being the largest in northern Sweden in used car models.

- Even if we continue to grow, we have not forgotten our roots. We were founded as a family business, and we still have that mentality - with honesty, close to the customer and care, we will do our utmost to ensure that you get your best car ownership. No matter what the car means to you, says Kim Niemi, co-owner.

Fills with models

The new car park on Formvägen 8 just outside central Umeå is now being filled with used models, which follows a continuing trend, both among Niemi Bil's customers and generally among car owners in Sweden.

- Our motto is "We only do it if we can do it really well". And we know we're really good at used cars. The recent upswing in second-hand use has been a driving factor for us to expand, and now we look forward to meeting the people of Umeå, Kim Niemi concludes.

Niemi Bil's new car park on Formvägen 8 opens on 19 February 2022

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