Get to know: Toni - Niemi Bil

Get to know: Toni

Toni Rindelöv. Buyer at Niemi Bil.

In our Get to know series, you get to know a little more about us who work at Niemi Bil. Here you get to know Toni who is a buyer. So if you want to sell your car to us, you are guaranteed to meet Toni in one way or another!

Toni Rindelöv, 44 years old, Buyer

- How long have you worked at Niemi Bil?
Since February 1 this year.

- What do you do at Niemi Bil?
I work as a buyer. When customers want to sell their car to us, it is often me they talk to.

- What is the best thing about your job?
To help as many customers as possible to get their car sold and that I learn something new all the time.

- What do you see as challenges in your job?
The biggest challenge is to find the most efficient way to work and at the same time maintain high quality.

- What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend time with family and friends, play paddle, watch movies.

“Det bästa med mitt jobb är att hjälpa så många kunder som möjligt och att jag lär mig något nytt hela tiden”🙂

- What hidden talent do you have?
Tennis! 🎾

- If you were a Mazda, what model would you be?
An MX-30, alert and alert.

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- Who is the best on paddle, you or Kim?
We are even but I am on plus the latest matches.

- Favorite dish?
My roommate's minced meat steaks.

- Is it true that you and Eric had over 10 straight wins against Kim and Dennis?
I've lost the bill but it's no understatement anyway.

- How many cars do you buy each month?
The goal is to help as many customers as possible, but there will be around 70-80 cars.

Tack Toni för pratstunden! Hoppas inköpen rullar på och din “run good”-streak i padeln fortsätter!

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