Get to know: Oscar - Niemi Car

Get to know: Oscar

Oscar Forsberg. Hall host at Niemi Bil

In our Get to know series, you get to know a little more about us who work at Niemi Bil. Here you get to know Oscar, as Hallvärd on Spantgatan 8 - our latest facility with a focus on used cars.

Oscar Forsberg, 23 years old, Hallvärd.

- How long have you worked at Niemi Bil?
Cub, 2 months!

- What do you do at Niemi Bil?
A good mix of a little what, a lot of ads and everything around that helps relieve the sellers. Then I myself have had time to sniff at some sales myself, which is great fun!

- What is the best thing about your job?
That we work close to each other and help each other. Everyone has some good input to share! We also have fantastic customers who we appreciate very much! A little spoiled to have so many nice cars around every day.

- What do you see as challenges in your job?
Oh, I have a lot of new things to learn, it's fun with challenges. It is constantly important to develop in order to take the greatest possible responsibility.

- What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spending time with your friends is never wrong, then I photograph a lot.

Cub, only worked two months yet!
But it's fun with challenges 😄

- What hidden talent do you have?
Hmm good question, decent photographer I would still say I am. Often, however, very self-critical.

- If you were a Mazda, what model would you be?
Mazda 3, cool and sporty!

- The key to the perfect frill?
Going to the same hairdresser, Amanda is cruel! Have not been with anyone else in 10 years.

- What is the best season?
Summer, without a doubt!

- What do you take on the bench and what flex do you have on the club?
Probably smaller than before… Long time ago I touched a hockey stick, probably had around 85 before I quit.

- What do you prefer to eat?
Italian or something good on the grill! Always appreciated a piece of meat but vegetarian dishes have grown on me.

- Sun and swimming or snow and mountains?
Simple, sun and swimming!

Thanks Oscar! Hope the summer offers a lot of sun and that the camera can follow the roads! 😊

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