Get to know: Jennifer - Niemi Car

Get to know: Jennifer


In our Get to know series, you get to know a little more about us who work at Niemi Bil. Here you get to know Jennifer, who is one of our drivers.

Jennifer Rosengren, 21, Driver.

- How long have you worked at Niemi Bil?
Late January this year.

- What do you do at Niemi Bil?
I pick up and deliver cars throughout Sweden.

- What is the best thing about your job?
The colleagues.

- What do you see as challenges in your job?
The number of audio books and the winter terrain.

- What do you like to do in your spare time?
Judge football and visit family and friends around the world.

- What hidden talent do you have?

- If you were a Mazda, what model would you be?
Mazda MX-5, small and fast.

- What is your favorite dish?
Potato buns.

The CX-5 is a real dream 😍

- Favorite place to drive to?

- How much do you bench?
More than Soa.

- What do you prefer to listen to in the car when you are out driving?

- Dream car?
The CX-5 is a real dream 😍

- Favorite snacks in the car?
Chili cheese.

- Where does the next holiday go when the pandemic is over?

Thanks Jennifer! Good luck with all deliveries by road. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Lofoten this summer 😊

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