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Download MyMazda for a better car experience


MyMazda is Mazda's own app that gives you full control over everything related to your new car. You can install the app on iOS and Android, mobile phones and tablets. Start by downloading it from your app store!

With MyMazda you get a really good overview of, among other things, service history, necessary manuals, courses and roadside assistance. With a connected car, you can find your Mazda, send destinations and use remote control. If you are traveling, you can also use the app to find your nearest Mazda dealer or workshop.

Here's how to get started:

Add your car to the app
Once you have registered with your contact information, it is time to add your car. To do this, enter the chassis number. You will find this in the owner documentation and sales agreements. If you do not have these close at hand, you can check under the right floor mat in the passenger seat or on a decal at the door of the passenger door. You can always edit and update information about your car under "My vehicles"!

If you are a family with several drivers, or a company, you can invite up to four users to the same vehicle.

The connected car
To be able to use Mazda's connected services, MyMazda and your car must have an internet connection. The car continuously sends out its own status to the app and you get a new health report from your Mazda when the ignition is off.

The remote connection allows you to check door locks, the car's health status (for example, tire pressure, fuel and battery status) and send places to the navigation system via MyMazda.

If you want to read more about how to use MyMazda, you can click here!

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