History - Niemi Bil
Niemi Bil

our history

Niemi Bil has had an exciting journey from the small garage workshop. Today we are an authorized Mazda dealer and provide cars, of various makes and models, service in the workshop. And it all started 14 years ago. 

To do it better yourself

It has always been a special mentality that spurred us on Niemi Bil. Ever since the start in 2006 when the gates to the then small garage workshop were opened, and Roger Niemi decided to do things differently. Make things better.

The small big company

The idea of opening your own was strengthened as the car industry changed. Local workshops were housed in ever larger company portfolios and over time lost their own identity. Niemi Bil thought differently. The feeling of the small, family-owned company would follow when the company started to grow.

A really good result

Then as now, the motto has been the same, "We only do it if we can do it really well". And 14 years later, with the result in hand, we have done really well. Today, we are proud to be called an authorized Mazda dealer and to be able to provide our customers with high-quality service in the workshop. In our car showrooms, we also have carefully selected used models from manufacturers that we have extensive experience of conveying and servicing.

The culture is intact

Despite a long and fast-paced journey, we have maintained the values we have always believed in, much thanks to committed employees. We have our roots left in the north, and for us hard work and honesty always come first.