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Hi Jonas Berglund - forward in Luleå Hockey


At Niemi Bil, we like to support the forces and talents that exist in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, a living sports, culture and association life we all benefit from. We are proud of the many times non-profit commitment that exists in our home region. Together we make Norrbotten roll forward!

Recently, here on the blog, we got to know some of our colleagues. Now it's time to present one of the many athletes we support - Jonas Berglund, forward in Luleå Hockey.

Jonas Berglund, 30, forward in Luleå Hockey

Hello Jonas! How long have you been playing for Luleå Hockey?
- I started as a junior when I was 15. Since then, I have both been to Luleå and away to other places, but in total it has been 11 seasons.

Which car do you prefer to drive? - and why Mazda? 😉
- Hehe, I drove a Mazda before Niemi Bil became our sponsor. I would say I have been driving for about 4 years. The choice was largely that I became good friends with Kim at Niemi who introduced me to the brand. It turned out that it was a fun and good car to drive. I have not regretted, and I will probably not switch to another brand.

Have you always driven the same model?
- No, it has varied. I have probably driven almost all models available, everything from station wagon to SUV. Today I have two Mazda, including an electric car that works very well.

“Jag började som junior så totalt har det blivit 11 säsonger för Luleå Hockey”

How do you think the collaboration with Niemi Bil works?
- Great, you always get a very good treatment with everyone who works there. All the players are very happy. They are always social and nice to deal with. You always come from there with a smile on your face, and a good car. 

What do you do when you're not on the ice?
- I spend time with my two children and partner. Then I hang out with friends, and generally feel calm and nice.

Thank you Jonas for the chat, and good luck going forward!

Are you curious about a collaboration that can look like for your company or association?
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