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Guarantee and security

For Niemi Bil, safe car ownership means that you as a customer can get the help and support that is required in case something unexpected happens. Therefore, the cars we sell are always covered by warranty, regardless of whether it is a new or used car.

Niemi Bil +

For those of you who want extra security in connection with your car purchase, we have the pleasure of offering extended security protection in the form of Niemi Bil +.


Niemi Bil + is our security solution that protects you as a customer against any repair costs that arise after your car purchase. The protection can be taken out for used cars that are max 8 years old or with a meter reading about max 15,000 mil at the time of purchase and applies in 12 months or up to 1,500 mil from the time of purchase. Niemi Bil + costs SEK 4,995 and is subscribed for in connection with your car purchase. Niemi Bil + covers most electrical and mechanical faults during the contract period.

See full terms and conditions here.

Make a safer car purchase

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Our guarantees for used cars

In order for you as a customer to feel extra safe with your car choice, Niemi Bil's basic Traffic Safety Guarantee is always included when you buy used cars from U.S.

This warranty is valid for up to six months or 500 miles after your purchase.

The warranty terms are agreed in the purchase agreement and vary depending on the year model and mileage for the car you buy.

New car warranty for used cars

We sell many used cars that are covered by a new car warranty or other warranties. This gives you as a buyer extra security. If you buy a used Mazda from us, there is a chance that it is covered by Mazda's extended warranty. 

The extended warranty is linked to the car and is valid for up to 10 years or 15,000 km from the time the car was first put into service. You can read more about Mazda's warranties on the right. 

Our guarantees for new cars

As an authorized Mazda dealer, we always offer their advantageous warranty protection when buying a new car. It is Sweden's longest car guarantee and means that you as the owner can be extra confident that your Mazda will maintain high quality for a long time to come. 

New car warranty - 3 years

Mazda's new car warranty lasts for 3 years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first. During the warranty period, you can claim the warranty to repair manufacturing and material defects. 

Mazda's extended warranty - 7 years

After the regular 3-year new car warranty expires, Mazda offers an additional 7-year extended component warranty - Mazda's extended component warranty applies until the car is ten years old or up to 150,000 kilometers. The warranty does not cover ordinary wear parts. See full terms and conditions here.


10 year warranty is Sweden's longest car warranty. To maintain the warranty and also receive 10 years of assistance, it is required that you follow the service instructions for your Mazda and that you carry out the service at one of Mazda's authorized brand workshops, for example Niemi Bil's car workshop in Luleå. If you follow these recommendations, the car's resale value increases while the chance of trouble - free car ownership increases.

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