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Car insurance

Whether you are buying a new car or a used car, you need reliable car insurance. At Niemi Bil, we help you find the right insurance for your car. As an authorized brand workshop and dealer of Mazda, we also offer their advantageous brand insurance.

Different types of insurance

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The right insurance for your new car

We at Niemi Bil help you insure your next car purchase, whether it is a new car or a used car. In order for it to feel safe for you as a customer, we have chosen to cooperate with the market's best players in our opinion - Länsförsäkringar and Folksam. 

Traffic insurance

It is a requirement that all cars and light trucks staying on the roads need at least one traffic insurance. The insurance provides compensation to drivers, passengers and others who are injured in an accident. It also compensates for the damage you cause to another vehicle. You yourself can not get compensation for your damaged property. 

Half insurance

The half insurance protects your car in, among other things fire, glass and theft damage or burglary. You can also receive compensation in the event of engine and electronics faults and have a legal protection and rescue insurance.

Full insurance

A full insurance includes protection in the half insurance and also gives you a car damage insurance. It protects you against damage that occurs to your own car, for example in traffic accidents, vandalism and parking damage. The car damage insurance covers sheet metal and paint damage to the car's body and chassis.

If you have borrowed for your car purchase, it is usually required that you also take out full insurance.

Mazda insurance via Folksam

Your Mazda is worth a really good insurance. That is why we recommend Mazda Försäkring at Folksam, which is a stable company with long experience. The insurance can also give you a rental car if your own car is damaged.

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Information about affiliated side-by-side insurance brokerage

Authorized workshop for Mazda

As an authorized Mazda workshop, we always give you 1 year free assistance insurance when we service your Mazda in our car workshop. This means that you as a Mazda owner can leave your car for service with us and be confident that you get quality service performed by specialists.

Help and insurance advice

For those of you who are to choose insurance and want independent advice, we recommend the Consumers' Insurance Bureau, the Swedish Consumer Agency or the consumer guides. They offer impartial advice and guidance among the insurance company, completely free of charge.

Consumer Insurance Bureau: or phone 0200-22 58 00

The Swedish Consumer Agency: hallå