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Car financing

We at Niemi Bil work with DNB Finans to be able to offer you secure financing for your next car purchase, whether you are buying a new car or a used car. We offer a flexible approach where you as a customer have control throughout the contract period.

Smart car financing with Niemi Bil

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Count on your car purchase

There are many different ways to finance a car purchase. At Niemi Bil, we work with DNB Finans to offer our customers a secure purchase and secure payments with fair terms. We offer financing to both companies and private individuals, and both when buying a new car and a used car. 

The majority of our financing arrangements are the basis for the interest deduction, which in practice means 30% lower interest costs for you as an individual.

Together with our partners, we are experts. Each car shop is unique and therefore we always develop the layout that suits you and your situation best.

Which payment is right for you? 

By clicking on the car you are interested in, you can make a quick overview of a potential financing plan. Review the relationship between cash contribution, monthly payment and residual value. The advantage of splitting your payment is that you do not have to lock your own savings in your new car. We help you calculate a potential resale value. Remember that a full insurance is required to take out a car loan. We help you with both car insurance and change of ownership when you buy a car from us!

Cash contribution, installment and residual value

Cash deposit is the sum of the price of the car that you pay directly. The repayment period determines how many months you want to pay off the remaining cost. The residual value is the expected value of the car after you have paid for it. A higher percentage of residual value results in a lower monthly payment.

Finance your car purchase

Most people who buy a new car or a used car also choose one car financing. As a rule of thumb, you need to pay 20% of the car's price in cash. You have the opportunity to finance the remaining amount with favorable terms via Niemi Bil.

Take out a car loan with residual value

As a buyer, you can either take out a private loan through a bank or through one car financing as DNB Finans. Together, we offer you financing with residual value where you do not repay the entire loan during the payment period. When your installment has run out, part of the debt remains, usually this is as large as the car's own value. The advantage is that you can use the car as security for the loan, while you can pay off loans and repayments faster with extra payments. The residual value can also be used as a cash purchase for the next car purchase. 

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Car financing for company car

Whether it is leasing, installments or any other form of financing that suits you and your company best, we have the competence and expertise to tailor the optimal arrangement for you and your company - regardless of the size and situation you are in. We help you to simplify and streamline your company's car ownership when you acquire a company car or company car.

Choose the right car

The car should give you what you need. Space for family and friends, safety, comfort and mobility in everyday life. No matter what the car means to you, Niemi Bil helps you find the right one - from new models and used cars to service and repair.