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To think about before the car journey

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Hello Tom Niemi! You who are responsible for service, can you give us your best tips before the car holiday?

Absolutely! The most important thing to think about is of course to travel on time, but also to bring water in the car. I also recommend always having a liter of engine oil with you so you can top up when needed during the trip.

I also think it is important to service the car before you go out to reduce the risk of you having to find a workshop on the road. If you know that you are going to drive a long way, it can be a good idea to hand it in to us before you go so that the service intervals are followed.

Then there are some things that should be checked, you can either check it yourself or you hand it in to us and we will check it for you. The first is to check that all fluids are filled - ie washer fluid, brake fluid, engine oil and coolant. Here I just want to remind you to only check the coolant when the engine is cold and off. Also check that all lights work properly and the condition of the tires. Check the tread depth on the tires and the air pressure. Also inflate the spare tire if you have one in case something should happen and bring a tire repair kit. Would also check the condition of the wiper blades and replace them if necessary.

Also check that the AC cools properly so you do not sweat unnecessarily. And have the number for assistance on the phone if something should happen along the way. That's probably the most important thing to check, I would say. Then just drive, take it easy in traffic and take many ice cream breaks! 😊

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