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Our culture reflects a northern mentality. Calm on the outside but inside we have a burning passion for what we do. Here we meet every customer as if it were ours and everything is done with hard work, honesty and care.

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We love helping people

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Hard work

We want to make our customers happy and we know that it takes one hundred percent commitment in every situation to keep that promise.


We are a transparent company that maintains an open dialogue with every person who enters both our car halls and workshop.


With care you go a long way. We care about our employees, customers and the northern countryside.


We are proud that customers have named us one of Norrland's best car dealers and workshops. We humbly thank you for that.

Smooth everyday driving

The car should give you what you need. Space for family and friends, safety, comfort and mobility in everyday life. No matter what the car means to you, Niemi Bil helps you find the right one.

Tips when buying a used car

For many, the car business is an activity that requires time and planning. This is especially important when buying a used car. As a buyer, you want to be sure that the car meets your expectations and that you get it for a fair price. Here's what to keep in mind when buying a used car: 

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What does your car need?

Make a list of what features your car should have, such as the number of seats and the size of the luggage compartment. 

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What models are there?

Set different car models against each other and start from your needs. It gives you a clear picture of the pros and cons.

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Quality control

Make a thorough review of the car's current condition and make sure all functions are working properly.   

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Check that there is an updated service book and review what the future need looks like. And

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Check the price

Compare prices on the selected model. Remember that factors such as mileage and service history affect the cost. 

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Test drive the car

Test the car and the functions carefully. Go through the gears and examine the car's braking effect. 

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Buy a car from a private individual

Only buy privately if you feel safe with the seller. Feel free to get help from a car expert in your area when checking. 

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Buy a car from a company

The advantage of buying from companies is that the car is carefully selected and inspected by knowledgeable mechanics. 

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